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Hearts & Minds provides exclusive, private, home nursing care and 
post-veterinary support for pets with special needs in Central London.


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A unique service based on a holistic approach especially tailored to meet the individual requirements of your pet.

The number one pet carer for aging pets, pets with difficulties (physical or emotional), less-abled, injured, overweight and young pups.
Or simply just a very special pet! 

Wonky legs, tripods, less-abled....
Let's see if I can help!

Holistic Pet Care
Together we will find a lifestyle programme to best suit the needs of your animal - and the constraints upon you.
I will be supporting you, with advice, practicalities and healing, in order to deal with an injured, sick, disabled or aging pet.
I am here for palliative care and pet bereavement counseling, times which are difficult for everyone.



Providing specialized short/long term practical response, advice and services for various types of special needs and disabilities including:

. aging pets
. blindness/deafness
. weight issues
. allergies
. withdrawn
. aggression
. grieving and loss (pet & family)
. injury
. disabilities
. remission
. recuperation

Choose flexible homecare packages from 30 minute check calls to 24 hour live in care, advising on:

. health
. nutrition
. disability
. UK legislation
. hygiene
. healing
. emotional care
I do not provide veterinary or medical services.
Where veterinary advice has been given, this is always incorporated into the care package.
Lily with Anda


"My name is Lily. I am a pretty, clever and sensitive girl... I am as happy as a dog can be! It is thought that I am around 4 years old, and I have seen plenty in my short life. 

I have a few issues... I limp slightly as I had a broken leg. I hop sometimes, as the cold, wet weather tends to get to me.

I am terrified of thunder, fireworks or the gun salutes in the park. 

And I don't like dog food! 

I am a rescued dog. I am lucky to have found my forever home and my loving best mum.

Now I love life, my walks in the park and my regular massages. I get freshly home-cooked food, a good companion and lots of love. At "Hearts and Minds" we found that she can take care of my special needs and my mum is worry-free."

Hearts and Minds
Anda Giorgio
MHAO Dip in Animal Healing
Experience in dealing with high end discerning clients:
Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia
Animal First Aid,- Insurance - Police Checked
Discretion - Flexibility - Confidentiality

Contact us via the Contact page and we will get in touch.