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This is an exclusive service, for special needs pets - not a basic dog walking or pet sitting service, although these are included in the care package.

I offer healing sessions and/or Reiki sessions for pets and/or pets and family, by prior arrangement.  Price upon request.

Walking/attendance Mon – Fri 9 – 5                
Saturday 9 – 5                          

25 hr/pet

30 hr
40 for 1 hr
Overnight Attendance

Mon – Fri 8pm – 8am             
Mon – Fri 24 hrs (2 x3 hrs away)                   

Travel & Feeding

Taking pet to the vet/groomer
(travel to be reimbursed)      

Non-medical last minute call
(within 12 hrs notice)             
30 +10 every extra hr

50 +10 every extra hr
Home cooking for pets
 (with client’s ingredients) – 2 hrs session
Pet Travel (local, national, international)
travel, food and accommodation provided

100/24 hr
•    Weekend prices x 1.5
•    2 or more pets from the same household – discounted
•    Bank Holidays, Easter period (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday), Christmas Day,
      Boxing Day, 31st December and New Year Day = double rates incl 

Home – Grooming Packages

Wash & Go Mini-grooming, basic maintenance between hair cuts, dogs on the go or before going out. Includes dry hair minimum brushing, body brushing, mini-facials (cleaning ears, eyes, face) plus nail filing and paw waxing. 55
(45 mins) 
Furbaby Me Time A pleasurable and relaxing experience, with bath and blow dry, facials (cleaning ears, eyes, face) and peticure (nail filing and paw waxing). 65
(1 hour)
Compassionate Grooming
Pampering for the elderly pets. Gentle dry coat and body brushing (or wet wash & blow dry if necessary), breath refresher, sanitary trim as required, aromatherapy light massage and spa relaxation.  Soft music and aromatherapy oils/candle will be used and the massage oils will be chosen by the pet himself.   
(1 hour)
Puppy First Groom To help the puppy learn about grooming. Includes encouragement and learning about baths, gentle blow drying, tools and new smells will be offered.  Introduction to teeth touching/brushing , ear and eyes cleaning, feet handling.   
(45 min)

•    Heavy matted – detangling  time and handling extra 20 min = 10.
•    Pets with fleas – shampooing and blow dry (compulsory if found) extra 20 min = 10.
•    Behavioural & medical problems (scared, medical, skin/hair issues) –  at my discretion
      (time and cost, est 10 per every 15 min if can be worked out with the family/pet).
•    Weekend (Saturday) and daily after 5 pm extra 10.
•    Discounts on 2 dogs from same household.
•    No anal gland expressed.
•    No creative grooming (full cut or breed specific clipping)



Hearts and Minds
Anda Giorgio
MHAO Dip in Animal Healing
Experience in dealing with high end discerning clients:
Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia
Animal First Aid,- Insurance - Police Checked
Discretion - Flexibility - Confidentiality

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