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How it works:

Real food and choices

We swim and play

Your pet is encouraged to eat healthily, relax more easily and play more often. We offer human attention, companionship and physical contact with a gentle touch, while any disability will be supported in an appropriate manner.

Keep warm and happy

Recovery and exercise

We carefully assess your pets requirements for specialized care, rehabilitation or readjustment and create a detailed lifestyle program including physical exercise, mental stimulation,appropriate nutrition, emotional security, good hygiene and companionship. We help with adjustments in the home environment and support the on-going daily life of a family with a disabled/ill pet.

Work and play

With our professional experience, help and advice your pet will be a happier and healthier companion to you, improving the quality of life as much as possible. We help you maintain regular contact with your vet and keep up with any scheduled or emergency visits.


Friendship and trust

We can also give general guidance and resources information on UK legislation relating to pets, the Dangerous Dogs Act, security, travel, tagging, DNA testing, blood bank, pet ambulance, specialized equipment for pets, pet insurance etc.

The farm days

Please note that at times a waiting list might be made available,
as I only work with a limited number of cases.

For any medical emergencies or diagnosis, please contact your vet
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Hearts and Minds
Anda Giorgio
MHAO Dip in Animal Healing
Experience in dealing with high end discerning clients:
Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Belgravia
Animal First Aid,- Insurance - Police Checked
Discretion - Flexibility - Confidentiality

Contact us via the Contact page and we will get in touch.